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Hello I'm Merril
I go to Dalton Academy for DemiGods and I live in Hanover House.
I love a certain Hanover <3
(Dalton RP Olympians)
(Character belongs to CP Coulter)

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Merril grabbed her bathingsuit, stuffing it into her bag together with a fluffy bathtowel and some swimpool slippers. She couldn’t believe she would be going to the swimpool somewhat voluntarily. With a sigh she left her room and headed towards Spencer’s, she did not want to do this. Not one bit but if she didn’t at least learn how to swim one length she’d fail her class since the swimtest was the majority of her gymgrade.Stupid teacher, stupid water, stupid pool, stupid swimtest!

She finally reached Spencer’s room and she sighed again, raised her hand and knocked onto his door. Feeling as if she just signed her deathwarant.

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    By the time Spencer had fallen asleep Merril was already in dreamland, breathing softly.
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    Spencer didn’t know which of them fell asleep first, but before he knew it, he was in a world of peace. Merril was...